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  • We can design and build you new custom kitchen from scratch

    We can design and build you new custom kitchen from scratch

    Old world craftsmenship meets new world technology! Let us design your custom kitchen using 3D state of the art computer design technology.  A custom kitchen from Allen offers you the widest flexibility in style, finish and design.   
  • Your kitchen, your way

    Your kitchen, your way

    We specialize in crafting your kitchen to your exact specifications. Custom sizes, specialty wood species, custom finishes or custom anything - we'll accomadate.
  • Custom cut countertops

    Custom cut countertops

    We offer the largest inventory of "in stock" countertops in the Valley. Custom cutting here in our factory assures you get your countertops cut exactly as you need them and when you need them. 
  • Quality since 1901!

    Quality since 1901!

    In 1901 Amos William Allen and son Joe opened their doors, establishing a reputation throughout Nova Scotia as fine craftsman of quality custom millwork, cabinetry and special furniture for churches, institutional buildings and fine homes. We're proud to continue our founder's values of craftsmanship, commitment to our customers and competitive pricing.
  • If it's out of the ordinary and made of wood we do it

    If it's out of the ordinary and made of wood we do it

    Whether it’s oak, ash, birch, maple cherry or pine we have the largest inventory of kiln dried specialty lumber in Western Nova Scotia. Custom services include custom moldings, planning, sanding just to name a few. If it’s out of the ordinary and made of wood let Allen’s Custom Millwork put the perfect touch on your finishing touch. 
  • We can match any style of trim in any species of wood!

    We can match any style of trim in any species of wood!

    Trying to match an existing molding or coming up with an original that would perfectly compliment your home? We produce over 200 molding patterns and we'll custom match any profile or pattern in any species of wood. Put the perfect touch on your finishing touch. 
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Feature Moulding

CROWN #123

  • Dimensions   3/4" x 4 5/8"
    Clear Spruce   $ 2.18 lft (in stock)
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Looking to build a new home?


Our Craftsmen also build dreams.
We have extensive experience building the perfect home or cottage to fit every budget and need. 

For more information on our extensive home and building packages and to find out pricing and options visit our Allen Homes site at

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We are completely satisfied with our completed new home and the entire project. A first rate quality project by a great team. We anticipate many years of enjoyment in our new home.


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